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A little OTT goes a very long way

Originally founded in 2002, OTT started with only one truck, and has grown to a fleet of over 100 trucks and trailers over the years, with no end in site for the company’s expansion.

We’re well managed by the efficient people with 40 years experience in transport industry.

We occupy a 44,000 square feet building with a 124,000 sq. ft truck yard. This helps us easily accommodate all transportation needs.

Additionally, we have a 10,000 sq. ft garage, where certified mechanics use the latest equipment to keep our fleets in the best operating conditions.

Make sure your transportation company cares, too.


For us, service means being available 24/7, every day of the week. It also means being friendly, respectful and helpful with everyone along the supply chain. Basically, it’s hearing you out, evaluating your needs and jumping into action to fulfill whatever’s necessary, at any given moment.


If you’re busy running a business, you don’t want to have to figure out what options are the most viable and economical for your transportation needs. You have better things to do. Through years and years of experience, we’ve developed the know-how and skills to easily recommend the most cost-effective, efficient way to move your items safely.


Perhaps you need less than a truckload. Or maybe you have enough stock for full truck loads in dry vans, or even need refrigerated units with specific equipment. Everyone’s business is unique and we’ve built a fleet that can respond to all kinds of transportation needs. Tell us what you’re shipping and we’ll tell you what will work best.

A track-record

There’s something comforting about a good reputation, and transportation is no different. We have happy clients who can vouch for our work.


If you need to move anything within Canada and the United States, we can assist. Not only with the actual transportation, but the paperwork and requirement to get things in and out of both countries.

C-TPAT carrierCertifications

We can tell you that we do good work, and our clients can vouch for us as well. However, you may be putting a lot of stuff into our hands and it doesn’t hurt to know that a third-party certifies what we’re doing. OTT Transport is a certified C-TPAT carrier. This certification, combined with the Fast/Express status means our company has implemented measures to do its part in securing cross-border trade and is a fully qualified carrier/importer for the North American marketplace. In other words, we check out and we do good work.

We’re always ready to roll and happy to answer all your questions.